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​We are unique. With more than 18 years’ experience in the video gaming sector, across multiple companies/firms, and from both a law firm and an internal corporate legal department perspective, we believe that our founder –  once called “Singapore’s #1 game lawyer” – has more personal knowledge of the game business than any other lawyer in the Lion City.

This gives us a special ability to provide industry-savvy legal counsel to game developers, publishers, e-sports teams, and various other players in the field, as well as the wider entertainment sector and other IP- and customer-focussed businesses.

Some Areas of Work :

  • Development : co-development and outsourced development deals, IP and content licencing, internal rights clearances, legal approvals, advice on designing for legal compliance  
  • Publishing : term sheets, licence & distribution agreements across all platforms including console, online, webgames, social, mobile and cloud gaming, contract  negotiation, choosing and diligencing partners, distributor and partner management (including debtors), code-in-a-box, subscription/AYCE, carrier/platform deals, analysis of self-publishing vs licenced distribution options
  • E-sports and competitive gaming, Internet Game Rooms/cyber cafés/tournaments / prizing, endorsements / sponsorship, game show booth and exhibition contracts 
  • Business affairs and commercialisation, including trade mark and brand clearance and registration, car/stadium/player/team licencing, publisher/partner relations, co-dev deals, divestment of IP  
  • Operational contracts : software licences, SLAs, server and infrastructure agreements, replication/warehousing agreements, NDAs, consulting agreements, outsourcing agreements, government grants
  • M & A / investment agreements : local transaction counsel, due diligence, as well as leading post-acquisition legal and contract process integration 
  • Dispute resolution : including overseeing arbitration and litigation, negotiations, settlement agreements
  • Compliance : anti-corruption programme, employment and internal policy/code of conduct advice, international sanctions  
  • Consumer issues : privacy, ecommerce and other consumer law issues, including serving as statutory compliance officer for Australian Competition and Consumer Commission settlement

Game Industry Deal List

Other partners he has worked with or on the other side from include :

Changyou (China)
​Datapulse (Singapore)
​Excel Interactive (India)
​​Firemint (Australia)

Gamania (Taiwan)
GameOn (Japan)
Gamewave (China)
Garena (now called SEA) (SE Asia)
Gigamedia (Taiwan)

Hero Interactive (China)

Indiagames (India)
Infocomm Asia Holdings (IAH) (SE Asia)
Ingram Micro (SE Asia)
Iron Monkeys (Australia)
JoySteak Studios (Singapore)

​Keywords (Singapore) ​
​​LevelUp! (Phillippines)
Microsoft (USA)
Milestone (India) 

Neowiz (Korea)
Netdragon (China)
Nexon (Korea)
NHN (Korea)
Nintendo (Japan)

Playfish (China)
Popcap (Asia)
​Redington (India)
SEGA (Japan)
Seow Choon (Singapore)
SingTel (Singapore)
Sony DADC (Hong Kong)

Teck Wah (Singapore)
Tencent (China)
True Digital (Thailand)
​VNET/Vision (Australia/Japan)
VTC (Vietnam)
​Woolworths (Australia)
World Sports Group (Singapore)

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