Who is Consigclear?


​​We seek to provide relevant, practical, flexible, and professional legal counsel to businesses and their management teams.

Our name, Consigclear (pronounced kohn-SIG-clear) is based on the Italian word consigliere – pronounced kohn-seel-YEHR-eh), which means close counsellor, or adviser.

​We want to be your trusted advisor: the “right-hand man”.

​Reasons to Use Us >

We have been there.

We have worked both in private practice and in a corporate legal department.  We understand that a business’ biggest question for a lawyer is often “Can we do it?”

If you are in the game or entertainment business, we have additional experience there too. See this page …

We help “get it done”.

​We know you want to close the deal. We will help you “get things” done by being counsel who put in the effort and time to understand your operations, personalities, and priorities, so we can advise you better on your options moving forward.

Having been in-house, we also understand that not every problem is a solely legal issue. We have worked closely with experts in finance, human resources, tax, marketing, public relations, security, forensics, and law enforcement, among other fields. We can work as part of a team.

Of course, we cannot know everything. When we feel an issue may need added expertise or support, we will tell you. We will also tell you when we do not know. And, as your business counsel, we will tap our network to help you find what you need done, as efficiently as we can.

We are flexible.

​We are conscious of that people work within budgets. We are willing to explore different ways of structuring our fees. We can work with fixed fees, retainers, blocks of time, and other alternative fee arrangements. Do talk to us.

What some of our clients have said >

​“Adrian is a great legal counsel. He is very professional and a great practical problem solver to the business. He exhibits that lawyers are business partners, and not mere gatekeepers"

- Regional in-house counsel

“Working with Adrian has been great, knowing that we have someone reliable to rely on when we need to get legal advice in the content and entertainment space."

- Co-founder, regional video site

"Adrian is a seasoned business lawyer who will learn about your business and the people on the team in order to give practical and useful business oriented advice. You can rely on Adrian to be your eyes and ears on the ground and take the pulse of the team. "

- APAC general counsel

“Adrian has always been very responsive in all my engagements with him, and I really appreciate how he works above and beyond to get my contracts ready even on short notice. His valuable advice and insistence on protecting me as his client has made me feel safe that I am looked out for legally, and shows that he cares about his clients more than just the fees they are paying.”

- Founder, cosmetics company

"Adrian was great in turning contracts around quickly and was an immense help in negotiating with external and internal partners.... Adrian is extremely reliable, friendly and a great listener. He is a valuable resource, who has a positive attitude and it’s always a pleasure working with him."

- In-house secondment business partner

"Worked very hard… immensely patient in helping us get our transactions done" “A pleasure to work with".... "a most approachable lawyer"

- Business team, technology company

"You've been a tremendous help throughout and the new (template and process you developed for us) streamlined the work significantly.”

- Business partner, content company

"I like to work with Adrian. I like his availability and his initiative to keep me updated about his future availability ahead of time. This really is a big deal. He is fast and reliable. His legal advice is both professional and comprehensive."

- CEO of a game development studio, Singapore

"Working with Adrian has been such a great experience. Especially for someone like me, who has no legal background, Adrian was a blessing, and his trainings were always very easy to follow. Adrian is also very prompt with his replies and quick to action. Thanks to his team spirit, work gets done in a timely manner!"

- Content producer

“Since joining…, Adrian has taken initiative to quickly learn the business and integrate himself into the company in support of his clients. Those who have worked with him have appreciated his counsel, his tireless effort and dedication, and his positive attitude. Adrian is a problem solver and solution-oriented, and he has assisted many of his clients in bridging impasse and stale mate to reach consensus and close deals, all the while protecting (our) legal interests and ensuring that we minimize risk. (He)… established a strong relationship of trust and confidence with each of his clients by providing timely and quality legal advice.”

- Citation for winning Asia-wide Customer Service Award, Electronic Arts

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