Strong yet Flexible Support

Versatility and Dexterity - Where and When You Need It >

You just need a lawyer (or an extra lawyer) for a specific reason or period.

You may need a lawyer to help you with negotiating a deal or to prep the team, as you have never done this before.  Or, your company has received a demand letter and you want someone to help get you out of trouble.

 We can step in and sit with you.

Your legal team needs an extra pair of hands.

​You may already have a legal team, but you need ad-hoc project support, or want to clear a temporary backlog. You want cover for a team member who is out of the office. Or you feel you could do with some specific expertise, whether it is industry experience, or someone to assist you impartially with a HR investigation or an ethics complaint.

We can plug in, and pitch in to help.

You want a lawyer on a regular basis, without the headcount or overhead.

You do not need a full-time in-house lawyer, but would like regular access to a familiar face who knows your team and your business. You want someone to come in once a week. You want to try out what’s it like to have an “in-house” counsel, and want a fixed monthly fee.

We can be your “external in-house” lawyer.

You don’t have a legal team in Singapore.

​You have an international legal team, but no legal person in Singapore. Your local office requires access to local legal help, and you want to manage that engagement.

We can act as your local ground support.

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